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It is all well and good when you have a tiling project done that looks absolutely fantastic but, the fact is, without proper installation and water-proofing, all of that work and expense is rendered a waste. Water in the wrong place can cause devastation to your home if left unattended. Water behind your tiles can eventually cause the adhesive to come loose which will cause your tiles to start falling off. With fragile tiles, such as porcelain, they can also break when they fall. Water behind or between your tiles can also create opportunities for mold to grow in your walls and, some of those molds are deadly and all can cause bad reactions in people with asthma or allergies. Besides all of that, water left standing on your wooden floors and wall supports can cause those supports to rot which can cause your walls to crumble or dangerous holes in your floors. All of these things are why it is vital to hire someone like Stallion Tiling and Construction Services to handle all of your waterproofing jobs Perth! We’ll do it right the first time!

Appropriate waterproofing is important with any tiling project but, it is imperative in rooms that are exposed to a lot of water frequently such as your bathroom or your laundry room. These are the areas where water damage is the very most likely! Of course, exactly because these rooms are exposed to so much water on a daily basis, they are the perfect room for tiling! The right laundry tiles Perth can really brighten up an otherwise drab and dreary space. Besides their ability to spruce up a room, tiles are much easier to clean up if, or when, a water disaster strikes because, unlike carpeting, laundry tiles Perth have no fibers or fabric that will absorb water. Still, if your tiling has not been water-proofed correctly, it won’t matter because excess water will just seep in between your laundry tiles Perth anyway!

Lucky for you, Stallion Tiling and Construction Services is well-equipped to handle all of your waterproofing jobs Perth so that you never have to worry about the awful things described here. With over 20 years of experience, our tiling experts know exactly what to do for various types of waterproofing jobs Perth from commercial bathrooms to personal renovations and everything in between. Even if you are purchasing a home and you are not sure if the tiling is still water-proofed, we can help you figure that out and reapply water-proofing if necessary. If we happen to be doing a brand new tiling project for you, good and reliable water-proofing is part of our standard tiling package!

For all of your tiling jobs, from laundry tiles Perth to waterproofing jobs Perth, Stallion Tiling and Construction is the right company for the job! Call us today to start your free estimate process! Our experts are on hand to help you plan for what you need and install the perfect tiling for your needs.